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Who does what

YEAR 2018-19.

Club President:- Ruth T took charge of  the reigns of the presidency from April 2017 and continues for another year- let’s give her all the support that she deserves. 

Secretary: – this year the job is being shared between Sue O , responsible for taking the Minutes of meetings, and Danielle will be looking after the correspondence.

There are  a number of  co-ordinators  who look after various functions of our club’s activities.

Membership: -Heads  up this  activity welcoming, arranging all formalities for induction process  and mentoring new  members.

Treasurer and Finance: – Shelagh  is  keeping a check on Club finances.

Publicity: – Melanie has made great progress over the last few years  and has done a great job at keeping the local press with updates as to our activities but will be passing on this task to Susannah C from April 2018.

Friendship LInks : –  Danielle is keeping the contacts in place and each year keeps the Newsletter rolling out with great efficiency and style.

Hospitality and Dinner:-

Programme Planning –  Anne W is   planning events and speakers for the 18-19  year

Programme Action:  Programme Action is the life-blood of Soroptimism – anything we do which helps the local community or clubs or communities abroad.  See “Our ongoing service and projects”. Reports  back to the club where possible on Regional, National and International projects.

Archivist –  Heather M- Responsible for keeping and maintaining the club pas records and memorabilia

Skirting ScienceRuth T is a director of Skirting Science, an associated group that has founded and organises the Skirting Science Project, which reports to the Programme Action Committee.

Club Web site 

Data Controller- Susannh C is our data controller for the purposes of GDPR. See our privacy notice.