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2017/18 President Gwen Ellis Jones


Incoming President Gwen Ellis Jones (left) and Immediate Past President Olga Evison

Incoming President Gwen Ellis Jones (left) and Immediate Past President Olga EvisonBefore retiring at the end of 2015 I worked as a peripatetic Teacher of Deaf children in Gwynedd and Anglesey. Now, retired, I am enjoying life and have never been so busy. I still make time for my interests, which include reading, walking (with my dog) and going to the theatre.
Since joining Bangor Soroptimists I have been involved with Project/Programme Action work and have come to appreciate how much our organisation is able to help not only girls and women but whole communities both locally and worldwide.
Last year was a most successful year for us at Bangor, with money raised for local charities, various and varied guest speakers, delicious lunches and general friendship and goodwill. One of the highlights was being awarded the Certificate of Excellence for our work supporting the school at Itala in Zambia, which was presented to former president Sian at the conference in Malta.
I hope that this year we will all continue to support those charities close to our hearts, both with financial aid and also practically. I also intend that we have fun and friendship while doing this. We may feel at times that our efforts are mere drops in the ocean, but, every little helps.
Wa are always eager to welcome new members to join us and the activities at the club. Thank you friends for the contribution you make to our club and the support you give each other.