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Umeed and Fairtrade 22.1.19

Lis Perkins provided an expllanation of one of President Andy’s nominated charities ie the Umeed Partnership. Giving hope and opportunity by fundraising for disadvantaged children and women through education and vocational training of any faith in Pakistan eg with embroidery and tailoring skills. Umeed has also developed a support system for women who are victims of domestic and gender based violence.
In addition Lis Perkins advised on Fair Trade including its history and certification labelling that ensures producers and workers are paid fairly for their products. Fair Trade week is from 25th February and members were encouraged to support through a variety of ways including shopping by paying a fair price and requesting the stocking of fair trade items at supermarkets. Through various activities that had been undertaken during the year  President Andy was pleased to present a cheque for £700  to the Umeed Partnership. Further information on the charity can be accessed on website :