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AGM President Andy’s closing address

Reading through the archives in readiness for this job I read poems members had written for our decade anniversary years. So I thought I would write my report in verse to end our 70th year. With pleasure, here is my final report

President’s Report : AGM 2 April 2019


Our seventieth year I’ll never forget –
The things we have done and the people we’ve met,
The talks we have heard and the visits we’ve made –
Our Platinum Birthday – our own cavalcade!

Our birthday we shared with our dear N.H.S.
Together we marked seven decades no less.
We decided to help with Dementia Care,
To support Delyth’s team and their problems to share.

We also supported Project Umeed,
For the Pakistan women and children in need;
Resourcing their schools and their centres that train
In skills for the future – and incomes – that’s plain.

We’ve pledged service to others, held special events,
We’ve walked and we’ve talked and collected tents.
We’ve knitted and sewn, and staffed many a stall,
Supporting our causes, involving us all.

We’ve made gallons of soup and Christmassy stuff,
Found blankets and clothes for those sleeping rough.
We’ve tried to reduce our reliance on plastic –
Our bottle top sacks are simply fantastic!
We’ve supported Fair Trade, and our visitors’ talks,
So rich and so varied from life’s many walks,
Have inspired and informed us of many behaviours,
From the Cape of Good Hope to our brave Blood Bike Saviours…

….And the Refuge for Women – and the Cathedral as well,
With centenary poppies their sad story tell.
We heard Kirsty and Jules talk through the endeavour
Of Love Hope Strength’s work to end cancer for ever.

We’ve had fish-and-chip suppers, and quizzes and gaffes,
An elegant Charter with speeches and laughs.
Our Platinum Party in the Mill at Pontrug-
Our Glam and Glitz evening – all hopes did exceed.

The food was superb: the drinks were a sin!
Some favoured the tipple of Rhubarby Gin!
Our night’s entertainment was Elvis, no less,
Freely giving his time our great cause to progress.

To the Garden that’s Hidden we went to have tea
And then toured round Cadnant, the flora to see.
The Rotary joined us that bright, sunny day;
We were all so enchanted we wanted to stay.

Before the year end, T.V. Studios we found
Where Rondo produce and direct ” Rownd a Rownd”.
A warm welcome we had, with coffee and cakes;
Left- overs, as usual, to St Mary’s Sian takes.

A great Tulip Tea we held at Y Glyn,
With members and friends far and near joining in.
Superior sandwiches, cakes and meringues,
Fruit and cream scones created such pangs!

The Raffle was drawn and the winners on call;
Our great thanks to Jenny for housing us all.
My thanks to all members for help and hard work;
Tasks varied and frequent we never did shirk.

I’ve had good advice from experienced friends,
And support I shall cherish and ne’er make amends.
A learning curve steep in a job I’d not done,
But, despite the hard work, it’s been lots of fun!

We miss Muriel sadly – with love and affection –
And her work for our Club carried out to perfection.
But the birth of new babies brought laughter and joy.
Twin girls for Alecs! – and for Yi, a boy!

To Eirwen I wish every blessing and joy,
Success and fulfilment – Your talents employ.
Be your own person: do it your way,
And we will all help you with tasks, come what may!

We must seek new members, be open to all,
Invite friends and colleagues and set out our stall.
Give welcome with kindness to all who come here
And make them at home with our warmth and good cheer.

There’s just one more thing from all that I’ve said,
about the work for Dementia Care we have led;
In terms of the money we finally raised
I am happy to say that I’m truly amazed.

With photographers, press and all of their ‘tech’,
To the Hospital team we presented our cheque,
Promoting their work – and ours – with elation;
Plaques will be placed to record our donation.
A quiet room for patients is what they intend
For reminiscing, relaxing and being with friends

Once more my deep thanks for your help and support.
I’ve enjoyed every minute: it’s not been TOO fraught!
The old year is ending, the new one is nigh,
And so tonight, we can all end on a high!

Andy Hawkins, President’s Report 2018-19