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Menai Heritage Sailing apprenticeship

We were pleased to donate £400 over 3 years from our reserve funds ringfenced for the education of girls towards the marine engineering apprenticeship of Polly Mead Kemp.  Polly had been selected to be part of the long term support of the Menai Heritage Sailing Project. She joined us on a club evening to share in her experiences to date as she continues her apprenticeship locally.

We also heard that the project is based around a local yacht -The Menai Strait One Design, as they are a fleet of boats designed by a local naval architect and all built on Gallows Point between 1937 and 1952.  They all still exist, ‘live’ locally and are probably the oldest complete fleet of 17 or more One Design yachts in the world. The key activities are associated with ongoing work to preserve, renovate and sail this unique heritage fleet.  The project has been remarkably well supported by local and national organisations, and crucially, by individuals who donate on a monthly or annual basis.  One of three boats was restored and on the water for 2022 with a 2nd one set to join it in 2023.

We wish Polly every success in her career and look forward to some of our members sailing on one in the near future!