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5.9.23 Cysylltu / Connecting

At our meeting on 5 September we were joined by Ellen Davies, Project Director of Cysylltu/Connecting.  A project using the creative arts to explore, express and reconnect with others. 

Kar Rowson (Artist) and Wendy Davies (Secretary) provided interesting art play with paints which our members really enjoyed.

This Project is especially relevant now post Covid, where increased problems of poor mental health (and fewer resources to support those suffering from it), the cost of living crisis and ongoing social change affects many.  Ellen’s shared personal lived experience of poor mental health, addiction, the recovery process and the importance of creativity especially using music and composition as a form of expression and way to be heard is key to this project.

There will be an interactive ‘public share’ and month long Exhibition in PONTIO January 2024.  The culmination of this unique creative co-inquiry (workshops!) between creative professionals, residents of North Wales Recovery Community, vulnerable women, supportive North Wales Health organisations  + Çanakkale Turkey (via Zoom) will be brought together to create  a real time interactive Public Sharing at PONTIO.


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