Chicks for Velindre 2018

Record Number of chicks donated to Velindre Hospital!


Members of SI Barry & District, together with their friends and families, have been knitting for the Velindre Hospital Chick Appeal for over 20 years. This year, with the Club celebrating its Golden Anniversary, its Chick co-coordinator, Christine Drury, hoped to mark the occasion by donating a record number. Christine, leading by example, knitted over 400 chicks herself and enthused other members to accept the 50 Challenge and knit 50 of the cute chicks. The result was that it was possible to present Julie Smith, the Velindre Chick Appeals Organiser, with 1,400 chicks. Julie was delighted to receive the donation – the chicks will now be individually packed with an Easter egg and dispatched to various outlets to raise funds to benefit cancer care patients at the hospital. So far Julie’s project has raised over £1.4 million pounds.

The  photo shows Christine with about two-thirds of the chicks.

Julie sent a thank you letter with details of this year’s appeal

Dear Christine and Lady Soroptomists, 

It was lovely meeting you again last week and I must say that you are all looking really well. 

Just a few lines to thank you once again for the beautiful chicks that you let us have for our Chick Knit Appeal. I am pleased to say that we have completed 55,000 chicks so only 15,000 to go.  The volunteer drivers have been busy delivering the chick orders to the schools ready for sale. 

Your support over the years has been tremendous and you can rest assured that the money raised from the sale of these chicks will benefit our patients here at Velindre. 

Keep up the good work ladies!

Love and Best wishes to you all.