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History of club

Bebington Presidential Regalia, designed by first president Sophie Sommers

SI Bebington was chartered on 23/11/1945; among it’s founder members were Freda, Lady Leverhulme who presented the Club with their chain of office, she served as our first Vice President under the leadership of Miss Sophie Somers.

Other Club luminaries include:
Councillor Mrs Eva Williams, the first lady Mayor of Bebington, Alderman Miss Beryl Wilson, the only lady to be made a Freeman of the Borough, Counsellor and Mrs Helen Hebron another Mayor.

Throughout its history Club members have served the local, national and international community seeking to raise the awareness of the rights of women and children

Five members of SI Bebington have served the Borough as Headmistresses: Miss Darkin, Miss Winifrid Ashton, Mrs Hilda Eastwood, Mrs Dorothy Cheesley and Miss Chris Baines

For many years the Club was a very active supporter of the Bebington branch of the United Nations Organisation being involved in the annual 6th form quiz held between the two Grammar schools.

Since 1970 we have championed women and children who find themselves in difficult situations firstly via the home for unsupported mothers and now Wirral Women’s and Children’s’ refuge

Internationally members have worked hard to provide help for the numerous calls for aid in times of disaster while also supporting such peaceful projects as Water Aid in Senegal, Landmine Action, OAKS a home-grown charity providing education in Sierra Leone.

As a small and beautifully formed group of women we have strutted our stuff at fashion shows and annually at our Federation Conference.

Present members maintain the tradition of service by volunteering at our local Hospice, supporting Community events, becoming Dementia friends and working with local schools on anti trafficking projects.

Our sanitary towel project has led to girls and women in Sierra Leonne acquiring sewing machines and using our templates making their own towels.

We have always had fun enjoyed good food and value our friendships with each other and across the Soroptimist world.



ANNUAL DINNER. Margaret Baxter, Dorothy Cheesley, June Lancelyn Green