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SI Canterbury members come from in and around the city and surrounding towns & villages.

We meet on the fourth Thursday of each month and welcome visitors, friends and prospective new members to any meeting.

We also have a social lunch, a social evening and a business meeting once a month for those who can attend.

We want our membership experience to be vibrant, dynamic, inspiring and rewarding. So, if you’d like to spend time with women who enjoy great social events alongside a desire to improve the lives of women and girls globally, then look no further.

To find out more, please use the contact page, our membership officer is available to meet up and answer your questions. Or, come along to one of our club social lunches or evenings. Some members will be in Starbucks (Kingsmead Sainsbury) on the 25th of the month for Orange Cafe to raise awareness of Domestic Violence 7:30am or 9am if a Sunday. (Please confirm the date and venue with our secretary or Membership Officer).

CLUB MEMBERS 2022-2023

CLUB MEMBERS 2021 ~ 2022