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Soroptimist Day of Action 2020

SIGBI Day of Action 18 July 2020

Balsam Bashing

Due to the continuing conditions, SI Crieff members  like everyone else can only hold virtual club meetings. However about a dozen members did get together one recent Saturday morning in Turretbank Wood to help clear some of the Himalyan Balsam, that attractive but invasive plant introduced to this country in 1839 to such a detrimental effect for many of our native plants.  It spreads at an amazing rate but fortunately does not have deep roots and is easily pulled out by hand and left to lie and rot so it can no longer spread its seeds.  Jim Anderson of the Community Trust showed everyone how to recognise it and after ensuring everyone had plenty protection against nettles, brambles and insects, we all spent a couple of hours doing something productive and marking the Soroptimist Day of Action at the same time.  Having the opportunity to catch up on chat too, it was a win win situation!

If you are interested in finding out more about SI Crieff do please contact Heather, Membership Officer, on 07796 031510 or visit our website