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Out and About visiting other Soroptimists

This summer June Munro visited Soroptimist friend Solveig Lawson in Moss, Norway.  The friendship began some 12 years ago when Solveig was visiting Scotland and developed over the years.  This led to S.I. Easter Ross forming a friendship link with S.I. Oslo-Norstead and a visit by the Oslo club in 2004 to help celebrate the 30th birthday of the Easter Ross club.  During her July visit June met numerous Norwegian Soroptimists including old friends Sheila and Mincke as well as Elinor and Solveig, former Regional Presidents and Solveig’s cousin, also Solveig who had been European Federation Programme Action Advisor.  On the way home an evening spent at the 70th Birthday Dinner of S.I. Ashton-under-Lyne, June’s old club again re-enforced the friendship link there between Ashton-under-Lyne and S.I. Easter Ross.