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Road of Remembrance Poppies Pattern

Members of SI Folkestone took part in knitting or crocheting (depending on where their skills lay) poppies to decorate the Road Of Remembrance to commemorate WW1.    Over 3,000 knitted and crocheted poppies lined the Road Of Remembrance in Folkestone, which was the route followed by millions of soldiers who passed through Folkestone’s streets on the way to war.

This is the knitting pattern that was used to create the poppies:

Double Knitting Wool in Red = A, Green = B,  Black = C.
Petals in ‘A’ – Make 4
Cast on 7 Stitches
1st Row        Right Side Knit
2nd               Knit front and back into first stitch, knit 2 stitches. KFB, Knit 1 (9 sts)
3rd               As 2nd Row                                                                                      (11 sts)
4th               As 2nd Row                                                                                      (13)
5th               Knit
6th               Knit
7th               Knit
8th               Knit
9th               SSK twice, knit to last 4 stitches, K2tog twice
10th             Knit
11th             Knit
12th             Knit
13th             As row 9     (5 sts)
14th             Knit
15th             Knit
16th             Knit
17th             K1, slip 1, K1 psso twice, K1 (3st)
18th             Cast Off
Using ‘B’ (Green)
Cast on 16 stitches then cast off.
Making Up
Joining cast-off edges, sew petals together in pairs then place one pair over the other
in a cross formation and secure.  Coil green centre into a tight spiral and sew in the centre of the petals.
Using ‘C’ (Black) work a ring of straight stitches around the green centre and then work French Knots around them.
Maintain the petals in a cup shape with small stitch behind pairs of petals.
(KFB is Knit Front and Back)
(SSK is Slip Slip then knit through the loops)

Feel free to use this pattern if you would like to make your own poppies.