Summer Outing – Visiting the Digging In project!

A replica of the Allied trench system.

For Glasgow City S.I.’s summer outing, President Myrtle and members visited the Digging In Project in Pollok Country Park located in Glasgow.

Allied and German trench systems from World War One have been reconstructed in the Park.

The German trench system.

Going down into the trenches gave us a small insight into what it must have been like to live in the trenches during the war.

Soldiers were billeted there for 4 weeks at a time in primitive conditions which must have been extremely difficult particularly in winter weather.

Interestingly there were differences between the construction of the 2 systems.


A trench garden.

The growing of some crops nearby for giving them therapy as well as sustenance was a revelation to many of us.

Visiting the Project was well worth the visit.

Club members enjoying a replica of a WWI flight simulator.

The memorial fence.

Watch Out!