SI Glasgow City’s AGM brings in the club’s 2018 officers

President Myrtle and Immediate Past President Madeleine

SI Glasgow City’s Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday, April 18th and at these meetings the office bearers for the new Club year take up their term of office.

At every AGM, the outgoing and incoming Presidents, give a short address. The outgoing President reflects on her year, while the incoming President lays out her plans for the year.

This year, Immediate Past President Madeleine told us of the highlight of her year –

“If I can say that I am proud of one thing the club has achieved this year, it must be our vintage fashion show. Not just because it was an enjoyable event, and not even because it raised £1,700 for the Mercy Ships, but because we all worked together so well as a team………………..We all came together as a club and our teamwork made the event a success.”

And Incoming President Myrtle told us –

‘My hopes and aspirations for the year ahead are captured in the words of the late Steve Jobs, co-founder and CEO of the Apple Business Empire:
“If you want to walk FAST, walk ALONE.
If you want to walk FAR, walk TOGETHER”.
Let’s walk together in the year ahead so that our Club continues to grow, not just in numbers, but in the spirit of Togetherness and Friendship which is at the heart of Soroptimism’.

We thank the outgoing officers for their service and welcome the new officers into their posts for what will be a wonderful year ahead.

Incoming Immediate Past President Madeleine and outgoing Immediate Past President Gwen


President Myrtle presenting a lovely bouquet to Immediate Past President Madeleine.