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Orange Cafe at Tomorrow’s Women Glasgow

On Monday 25th March six members of SI Glasgow City paid a visit to Tomorrow’s Women Glasgow. The ladies’ hospitality at TWG was second to none. On our arrival we were served tea, coffee and cakes. We were able to watch and chat with some of the women who were working industriously in their newly refurbished kitchen. We discovered that this cookery group normally came in on Wednesdays but they had wanted to show us what they could do and to thank our club for our ongoing support. So, from their arrival at around 9 am, they worked together to make lunch for us.

As we hadn’t expected to be served lunch we were very pleasantly surprised! And what a feast: vegetable pakora, chapatis, chicken curry and rice, followed by home made carrot cake and chocolate – totally decadent. (There is a rumour that one or two of the visitors might have left with doggie bags!) This lovely day confirmed that our club’s support of TWG is so very appreciated.

SI Glasgow City members seated around a table enjoying a meal.
SI Glasgow City members and a TWG staff member enjoying the wonderful lunch!