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Orange the World to help end gender based violence

SI Hallamshire wore orange at their recent speaker meeting. We were  showing our support the Orange the World campaign. This is sixteen days of activism to end gender based violence.

We were pleased to welcome Isobel Hemmings and Sue Wharton to the meeting. Isobel and Sue are registered nutritionists who run Cinnamon Days. Cinnamon Days is a social enterprise company with a specialist interest in low carb diets. It helps people to lose weight and follow a more healthy diet.

Isabel and Sue discussed the main food groups and outlined the importance of protein in our diets. They also discussed the need for vitamins and minerals in our diet to enable healthy functioning of our bodies. We were advised to plan our weekly menus, avoid ready meals and processed foods, cook from scratch and to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables each week

We enjoyed a very informative, week presented talk and learnt a lot.