Charities/Projects Supported

Below are the charities/projects we permanently/regularly support

We have a few projects/charities listed below we regularly support in different ways depending on their needs, we do also get support from our sister clubs all over the world in making this possible.

  • Traditional Birth Attendances Epworth(TBAs)

Traditional birth attendances are volunteer women who assist other fellow women to safely deliver their babies in case of emergency situations in Epworth. Epworth is a very poor dormitory town at the age of Harare; most homes are located far from the available clinics. The distance of the clinics results in most pregnant women not being able to reach the clinics in time to deliver, therefore the TBAs who are located all over the town play a big role in helping deliver the babies in such emergencies. We assist by training them to safely deliver the babies and by also supplying them with the necessary emergency delivery kits.


  • Society for the Destitute and Aged(SODA)

The Society for the destitute and aged is a home to both males and females who are aged or mature but disadvantaged who have no one to take care of them. It was established to take care mainly of migrant workers who would have become destitute after retirement while they waited to be repatriated to their home countries, but of late it also takes care of locals.


  • Harare Children’s Home

Harare children’s home is a shelter for children in need. It houses both girls and boys , the boys move to a boy’s home after the age of 12. The age of the children ranges from infants to teenagers.


  • Childline 


Childline is an organization which gives free support mainly to kids under the age of 18 in any challenges they face in life.


  • Chikupo Primary School.

Chikupo primary School is located in Mrewa which is a rural area and most of our rural schools are poor lacking a lot of resources. Our assistance is to try and improve the quality of education the students receive.


  • Adventure In Living.(AIL)

Adventure in living is a day camp over three days will hold during August school holidays. We invite one lower 6 girl from each school chosen to attend. The camp is to empower the girls with different social skills they will need after finishing school. We have different volunteer speakers making presentations to the girls. We invite one girl from each school so that they learn the skill of networking