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Wycombe Women’s Forum

Wycombe Women’s Forum

Who are WWF?

In July 2009 SI High Wycombe & District Club invited over 30 local women to a Forum to find out what concerned women who live and/or work in High Wycombe relating to women and children to help us develop our strategic focus for 2010 and beyond.

What were our concerns?

The main concerns of Wycombe Women’s Forum were:

· Perceptions of mental illness within society

· Care of the elderly and perceptions of age in our society

· Perceptions of young people of themselves – lack of self respect and lack of positive role models

· Waste in our society

What are we doing now?

We are dedicating our efforts towards doing one thing well to start with – a project to support young people in High Wycombe – Youth 2020Vision.

The aim of Youth 2020Vision is to try and bridge the gap in perceptions between youth and the older generation and find answers to the questions “What happens when Generation Y is replaced by the next generation?”

We are exploring working with partners in the High Wycombe area.

We would really like everyone who is able to contribute, whether it be with ideas or with helping out in groups to get things underway.

Please contact us with your expertise and ideas.