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Supporting The Purple Community Fund

The Future is Purple

This charity passionately believes in providing sustainable opportunities so that their beneficiaries can help themselves and their families out of poverty through the acquisition of new skills, education, training and our holistic programmes. They strive to make a difference to those who are in the direst of circumstances and we provide funds to help them achieve their aims.  Their main work is in the Phillipines working with the poorest of the poor, families living and working in slums. Together with the community they fund and run their livelihood, education, health and nutrition programmes and we like to support them when we have the funds.

They understand the problems and culture of the community and develop sustainable life-changing, worthwhile programmes that cultivate self-respect and self-reliance, empowering local people to change their own destiny and futures.

Providing Employment Opportunities

Their female artisans earn sustainable, reliable incomes by making beautiful upcycled products and have the opportunity to start their own business.  They enable unemployed fathers to access skills for the construction industry and public services jobsThe amazing families they work with want to earn a decent income to leave the slums and support their children so they can receive a good education. .

100% of the profit from product sales goes back into their programmes. The artisans products are sold in their shop (,