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Diary of the Month – August 2021

Diary Of The Month—August 2021 Phrase of the Month- Believe to Achieve- We Stand up for Women. We have no official meetings this month, a welcome break, holiday time. Less pressure but saying that- charity doesn’t stop!  The hard work that continually goes on behind

Diary of the Month July 2021

Diary of the month JULY 2021. Phrase of the month– We are part of an International Organisation with a Global Reach and Impact. 1st— Lighter on numbers this month than usual, with COVID rules being eased, some members have been meeting up with family and

Diary of the month – June 2021

Phrase of the Month- Soroptimists are team players who inspire others. 3rd– Again over zoom- this meeting started off with the induction of our newest member Pauline Carrier.  Pauline Lives in Bewdley, right by the river, and will be a great asset with her life-long

Monthly Diary – May 2021

Phrase of the month. Soroptimists petition for fairer laws for women everywhere. 6th – We held our monthly Business meeting with Regional President Elaine Clarke in attendance.  She gave a presentation to us on how our Region has performed during lockdown. We were notified that

Planters for the Women’s Refuge

We support West Mercia Women’s Aid and to cheer up their garden space, we have put flowers in their planters.  Hopefully, the weather will get a little warmer and they will be a riotous mass of colour.

Monthly diary – April 2021

We have decided to share with you all the things we do, month by month.  This first diary, April 2021, has been compiled by our President Sue Clark: Diary of the month – April 2021 Phrase of the month- We strive to live our dreams

Centenary poster for May

As we progress through the pandemic, we are increasingly aware of mental health problems in our communities.  People are feeling isolated and lonely.  Kidderminster Soroptimists have continued to hold their business meetings and speaker meetings electronically so that we all remain in touch.  We are

This month’s poster

This is the Centenary Celebrations poster for April: This fits in nicely with Kidderminster Soroptimists work on the environment.  We have planted trees, planted or gifted bee loving plants, created small ponds in our gardens, reduced, re-used and recycled.