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“Women Supporting Women-Together We Can!”

This was the theme of Regional President Dorcas’s successful conference in May 2022. Conference chair, Sandy Taylor of SI Crosby, sums up this wonderful day!

The conference, entitled “Women Supporting Women – Together we can”, was two years in the planning
by Regional President Dorcas, a member of SI Liverpool club.  Dorcas led 8 months of committee meetings , was  supported by 62
delegates, 10 Stewards, 9 speakers & a choir which made up the  conference. The conference covered the 5 ‘P’s of Soroptimism:
We heard from Canon DR Rod Gardner how Josephine Butler was a women ahead of her time trying to raise
awareness of human trafficking in the 1900’s . She would have made an excellent
Soroptimist! Daphne Franks talked of how from the tragedy of her mother being coerced that she is
changing the law on Predatory marriage!
Dr Gillian Aston and members from SWACA (Sefton Women’s and Children’s Aid)  talked about how working together and raising awareness of
domestic violence and how working with multi-agencies strengthens the work they do.
Annette from our club  described her work involved with human trafficking, how agencies are looking to educate us on
how to become more vigilant in observing what is around us and the signs to look out for, added to this –
educating us on how we can assist.
Aimee & Angie from the Liverpool Hospital Trust (formerly “R” Charity) discussed the progress on the
Soroptimist room for women who may have experienced domestic violence. The hope is that this room
will provide a safe environment for women at a very fraught and difficult time. Four Clubs in our Region
Bootle, Crosby, Liverpool & Southport have worked together on this, partnership at its best!
You may not have noticed but we tried very hard to recycle and reuse, borrowed lanyards and the bags
containing delegate information were paper – recyclable!
Working with Lunt meadows is a green project that has developed over time and allows people to learn
about the environment, share ideas and assist with wellbeing and mental health.
Abby from SI Crosby described her personal journey to gaining peace and acceptance from family about the role of women
who are facing inequality and cultural differences. PCC Emily Spurrel described how taking a gendered
approach to gender-based violence against women and girls is a priority.
The day was brought to an uplifting end by the Mersey Voices Choir, followed by tea & scones – always a great way to end the day.
I would like the opportunity to thank President Dorcas for her faith in me as the Conference Chair.
This conference could not have come about without the hard work and commitment of the committee
members; Anne Grimes Chief Steward, Debra Curtis Registrar, Pat Williams Treasurer
Please do look to support the next Conference which will be in 2024