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President’s Message


President Debra’s Address

“I would like to start by saying how honoured and humbled I am that such an extraordinary group of women have entrusted me with representing them as their President. The last year  has been difficult for each of us in so many ways

Perhaps what the last year has taught us is to value the little things, a cup of tea with a friend, spontaneity, walking round the supermarket without anxiety or even fear, small acts of kindness, a hug but perhaps most of all to value friendship.

 I also believe that if we did not know already how precious and fragile life and good health are, the last year has confirmed it to each and everyone.

 As we move towards our club’s 95th year, my hopes for this year are that we can strengthen those friendships by again being able to meet in person, and to extend that friendship to new members. So during the year as well as our more formal events I hope we can hold some smaller events where the more relaxed environment will enable those friendships to develop and flourish.

 An important aspect of good health is recognising symptoms and early diagnosis. Three years ago my best friend died of Ovarian cancer and the charity I have chosen therefore is The Diane Oxberry Trust who work not only to raise awareness amongst women but also amongst medical professionals of this deadly disease.

 As we begin, hopefully, to restart activities we should not lose sight of those little things that mean so much and not stop carrying out the small acts of kindness that make such a difference. Thank you”


Debra Curtis 28th April 2021