**Denise Powell President London Chilterns Region 2019-20 – here to help

Denise Powell has been a Soroptimist since 2011 and is an active Member of the SI St Albans and District Club. Although retired from paid employment, Denise is a very busy woman outside of Soroptimists. To name just two things Denise gives her time to freely: she is a Magistrate and is also a volunteer and Trustee/Treasurer for the Hertfordshire Domestic Abuse Helpline.

‘So why have I put myself forward to be the President of your Region? It is because I appreciate the value of Region. We all get inspired when we go to the SIGBI Conference and hear about the Programme Action projects that other clubs do. The problem is that the conference is only once a year, it is remote and there is not that much opportunity to find out more. Working in Regions gives a chance to hear about more local projects and offers the chance for local cooperation. I want our Region’s meetings to be a forum for this. 

I was asked to give 7 words to accompany my photo at the change of insignia at the SIGBI Conference. I chose “Here to help all the Region’s Clubs”. I passionately feel that the whole can be stronger than the sum of the parts, and will try in my year to help that happen. Each Club is welcome to ask for or suggest ways of cooperative working and I, with my Executive Team, will do whatever we can to assist. I am hoping that each Club can come up with one activity, be it Programme Action or Membership or anything else, where they can work with one… or more…. other Clubs. Your Region is definitely “here to help”. ‘

Usually during the year the President and/or some of the other Officers visit Clubs in the Region – either by invitation or by asking to visit.  The Members of the Region’s Executive Team are on this page of the website www.sigbi.org/london-chilterns/region-officers/

The Region has four main Meetings/Mini-Conferences during the year please see the Programme on the website for information – we welcome all Soroptimist Members and their guests  www.sigbi.org/london-chilterns/programme/

“We Stand Up for Women” is the SIGBI theme for 2019-20 and the Region will support that theme throughout the year.