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Denise Powell President of London Chilterns Region 2019-20 Here to Help

Denise Powell President of London Chilterns Region 2019-20 Here to Help

Message from London Chilterns Region President Denise Powell: “So why did I decide to put myself forward for Regional President? Because I appreciate the value of our Region. We all get inspired when go to our annual Soroptimist Conference and hear about successful projects from Clubs throughout our Federation. But those big conferences are only once a year, and remote, without much opportunity to find out more. Working in Regions gives us all the opportunity to hear about more local work and offers the chance for local cooperation, though this doesn’t happen hugely at the moment… it could. I want our Regional meetings to be a forum for this – they are a 1 day mini-conference that we run 4 times a year.

Denise Powell

I was asked to give 7 words to accompany my photo when I was installed as Regional President at the SIGBI Conference in Bournemouth last October. I chose ‘Here to help all the Region’s Clubs’. I passionately feel that the whole can be stronger than the sum of the parts, and will try in my year to help make that happen. Each Club is welcome to ask for or suggest ways of cooperative working and I, with my Executive Team, will do whatever we can to assist. I would love each Club to come up with one activity, be it Programme Action or Membership or anything else, where they can work together with one… or more…. other Clubs. We are definitely here to help“.

Denise Powell has been a Soroptimist since 2011 and became involved in the St Albans Club’s Executive (Management team) almost immediately by being Secretary for a year, and then taking on three years as Club President. Denise says that she had been enjoying a quieter time since then which is why she decided to put herself forward for Regional President (Ed – those who know Denise will realise that she never has a quiet time because of her many other activities…) .