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General Meeting

London 2023 Conference 3-4 November 2023 - Climate for Change

There were no Resolutions to be discussed at this year’s General Meeting, so the main focus was on the Chairman’s Report.

President Cathy described her visits to Malta, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Barbados Anguilla, Turks and Caicos and Jamaica. She received such a warm welcome from all the countries and was humbled to experience first hand the wonderful work that the clubs are doing.

The Dublin Convention took place in July, and Cathy thanked the Conference Committee for their hard work in ensuring that it was a memorable and inspiring event. Johanna Raffan, who passed away whilst SIGBI President in 2021, was remembered.

President Cathy has had the privilege to charter five new Clubs during the year: SI Leamington (July), SI Srinagar (Kashmir) (August), SI Shakespeare (September) and SI Whitstable and District and SI Northampton (October). She welcomed all the new Clubs and their members.

Cathy spoke about the hard work that each SIGBI Director has been involved with throughout the year, with the help of their Standing Committees. Great strides have been made in their workplans.

She welcomed Gillie O’Rourke to the Board of Directors (from Saturday), as she is taking up the role of President Elect 2023-2025. This is the only change to the Board members, except that Ruth Healey will be President 2023-2025. Cathy will be stepping down from the Board, and she thanked Gina and the SIGBI Staff for their help during her tenure, as well as the Federation Consultative Council (FCC) and the Standing Committees.