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Membership Session

London 2023 Conference 3-4 November 2023 - Climate for Change

Blog by Rose Hutchinson, SI Stratford upon Avon and District

Membership session
Chaired by Dishi Attwood, Federation membership Director

The session began with Carolein Demey SI Europe President explaining how their European ethics has been to create an attractive organisation. Last year they only lost 37 members where previous years have been 300-400 They have been working on a Leadership Academy creating a “safe space for change”

Academies have been held using existing members to mentor and teach younger women in subjects like budgeting, self awareness, body language and communication skills. This has directly led to two new e-clubs.

SIGBI will be piloting our own Academy facilitating 10 women who have received grants from the Diamond Education Fund. They will receive 8 sessions via Zoom.

We heard from a mentor who had helped a recipient of a grant which illustrated its importance and the need for us to support it by donation.

Six new clubs have been chartered in the last year and each President gave a short presentation I have taken one point from each.

Heather Korby – SI Northampton – Chartered with 9 members and meet for free in a Working Men’s club

Jane Webb – SI Whitstable – A new club formed of some members of SI Canterbury has 16 members A plastic free club

Sally Bee – SI Shakespeare – Second club in Stratford  upon Avon. Chartered with 15 members. “Do it now”.

Parveen Pandit – SI Srinagar (Kashmir) – Chartered with 22 members mostly in higher education.

Sheila Weightman, SI North Staffordshire– 16 members, working in an area of economic hardship. “Younger women automatically employ social media”.

Catherine Williamson- SI Leamington – Capped membership at 25 members. “Good prevails when a few good women do something”.

Dishi led the session with her endless enthusiasm and passion for our organisation her message was “Do things your own  way”.

Rose Hutchinson
SI Stratford upon Avon