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International Projects

As a service organisation, we identify needs and then establish specific projects to address these – this is our main purpose and is usually referred to as Programme Action.

We choose projects that relate to one or more of the five Programme Areas identified by Soroptimist International

  • Economic Empowerment
  • Education
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Food Security and Healthcare
  • Violence and Conflict Resolution

All our work is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly to transform our world.


Act4Africa aims to promote gender justice for women and girls and to equip them with life skills to enable them to be free from poverty. The charity has a UK office in Altrincham and an operational base in Mayuge, Uganda.

In 2016 (the club’s 90th anniversary) we raised over £9,000 for A4A’s Health, Empowerment and Livelihoods (HEAL) project in Malawi; we are now supporting the HEAL Uganda project.

In 2018 we gave a donation to which enabled the charity to buy a goat – named Flossie – for their growing herd at Kathy’s Centre in Mayuge, Eastern Uganda. Goats form a vital part of their Health, Empowerment and Livelihoods (HEAL) programme which equips young women with the skills and training they need to become independent.

In 2022 we were able to provide funds for two tents for the Adolescent Mothers’ Programme; one to be used for the young mothers’ training in vocational skills and the other as a creche for their children.



New Hope Rural Trust is based in Orissa, India. Initially we sent clean, used tights which were used for leprosy patients to secure dressings. When leprosy became less prevalent we continued to support the charity by funding a hospice for HIV/AIDS children and cataract operations for the elderly. We have sponsored a schoolgirl and continue to send used greetings cards which they upcycle.

We have financed nursing courses for two young girls.

Members are currently knitting beanie hats for the children. From late November to February they have very cold winds, which can cause the children to have chilblains on their ears; this is especially so for the Hill Tribes – the poorest of the poor – who are cared for by New Hope.


Lendwithcare is an initiative of CARE International currently operating in 11 countries. Microfinancing is used to help people in low income countries to work their way out of poverty. It is recognised that women and girls suffer disproportionately from poverty but equipped with proper resources women can help their families. In our first year we made 23 loans – 16 to single women and seven to groups.

Support and Love via Education (SALVE)

SALVE is a Ugandan charity  helping children to stop living on the streets through counselling, care, family reunification and education.



In addition to the above we have, in recent years, made donations to 

Mary’s Meals  – a charity working in 19 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean providing children with a nutritious meal every day that they attend school, thus encouraging education and giving them a chance of a brighter future. We have supported the Backpack Project several times.

Action Aid – a charity working  with women and girls living in poverty across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Our donation has provided food, water and education for two schoolgirls as well as support to her community.

Becky’s Bathhouse – a wellness centre and shower facility serving women and children residing in the new camp that replaced Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos. Their primary aim is to create a safe, warm and welcoming place for women and children to disengage from the everyday realities of the camp.

We also donate to SIGBI’s long term project, SIGBI’s Emergency Relief Fund and the SI President’s Appeal.