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President’s Message

President’s Message 

As the newly installed Club President, my initial thought is – Barbara will be a very hard act to follow. I am very proud and honoured to once again hold such a privileged position within S I Manchester, a Club I have been associated with since 1986 when our then Club President and now honorary member, Kathleen, first welcomed me as a new member. I remained a member for six years when, regrettably, due to career interference, I left. Following early retirement from the NHS I rejoined in 1999 and once again Kathleen was at the helm to reintroduce me to the Club. Thank you Kathleen for all the support and guidance you have given me over the years.

I can hardly believe it is 18 years since I was initially installed as Club President in 2001. There have certainly been many changes in Soroptimism, in our Club and in my own personal circumstances during the intervening years. We are now a small Club in numbers but with a very big heart. We undertake many small projects which make a very big difference – a small group with huge enthusiasm. energy and commitment.

SIGBI continues to lead us in ever changing agendas. We have now moved from Educate, Empower and Enable to People, Prospects, Partnerships, Peace and Planet – a lot for us to decide on our rebadging agenda. My personal goal is to continue to develop our work with our current partners and to strive to establish working partnerships with other Clubs to maximise the influence and impact of Soroptimism.

We are already planning in our Club Programme an event to take place in October with the theme of ‘Think on it’ as requested by Sue Williams, our SIGBI President. Showcasing Soroptimism, another SIGBI initiative, will be well demonstrated in May as the models at our Charity Lunch & Fashion Show will include several Soroptimists.

I am extremely fortunate to have the support of a dedicated and excellent Executive team with the pertinent skills and abilities to move our club forward. I look forward to the year with great optimism and thank you for supporting me in my new role.

Rosemary StevenPresident 2019/