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President’s Message

Welcome to Soroptimist International of Manchester


It is an honour and my privilege to attempt the role of President for the fourth time. I hope I can improve on previous performances!


Let’s celebrate our Soroptimism!

Our history, our legacy and our achievements



Apparently I have been a Manchester Soroptimist now for 30 years and I believe that it is important to share our ‘That’s why I’m a Soroptimist’ moments and laugh at our ‘Remind me why I’m a Soroptimist’ times!


Remember, Soroptimists strive to Educate, Empower and Enable women and girls (the 3 E’s)

… all in the spirit of the 3 F’s, ‘Food, Fun and Friendship!


As your President I appreciate that I am totally reliant on the Executive and every member of our Club, but we also have friends and ‘Soroptimisters’ who support us. Who knows how things will turn out?

But, let us strive to enjoy our Soroptimism, we’re an awesome band of women!


President Sue