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Fun Day For Young Carers

S.I. Medway Towns arranged for a fun day out for 14 young carers at Diggerland in Cuxton at the end of the summer holidays. There are about 180 young carers in Medway, aged between 4 and 19 years old, who have taken on the responsibility of caring for a disabled or sick family member.   They have very little leisure time and very few days out so the opportunity to run around and just be kids for the day is a big treat.
The young carers were able to actually drive JCBs, Dumper Trucks and even a Police Car and to dig enormous holes with a JCB but this year the most popular rides were the dodgems and Spin Dizzy – a great big machine which has a long arm with a bucket at the end which has been converted into seating.   Once up in the air it spins around at speed, much to the distress of one S I member who felt sick for two hours afterwards.