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How did Medway and Maidstone Soroptimists support Itarsi?

For the past 20 years Maidstone Soroptimists have been supporting the Jeevodaya Centre in Itarsi and one of the annual fundraising events organised has always been a Garden Party. However, in recent years due to health issues and the pandemic it was not possible, but this year on 22 June, 16 Medway and Maidstone Soroptimists including family and friends were really pleased to join Sue Hunt at her home along with her husband, Chris and be able to see their beautiful garden and enjoy afternoon tea (socially distanced of course) with them.

The Itarsi project is dear to Sue’s heart, and she remains committed to supporting them through such fundraising efforts.

Itarsi is in India, and it is a big railway junction that attracts huge numbers of children living on the railway platforms trying to eke out a living. Lasting memories of the platform children prompted a couple Ashley and Jane Butterfield who ran a travel agency, along with tourist members of the railway journeys to support Sister Clara who set up the Jeevodaya day centre for the children living on the platform at Itarsi Railway Station in 1999.

During the Covid19 pandemic Jeevodaya has reached out to hundreds of families and needy people for supporting them in their needs. Mostly in Itarsi people were affected by the pandemic drastically as sudden lockdowns and insufficient support from the systems blocked their way of income. Jeevodaya as a sudden response by identifying their needs and support them in various ways.

The Garden Party raised £234.20 through donations and the raffle, and these monies will ensure that we change children’s lives in India.