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Welcome to Medway and Maidstone’s Seven Centenary Soroptimists

It has been a great year for Medway and Maidstone club as we celebrate our 75th anniversary and we have had 7 new members. Since January 2021 we have welcomed: –

  • Annette Davies
  • Sandra Covington
  • Carol Perry
  • Teresa Cambell
  • Margaret Albert
  • Maryjane Williams
  • Farbin Nessa

In October, a request for photographs of new members was made by SIGBI to be included in a 100 graphic. SI Medway and Maidstone responded and sent in photographs of all 7 members.

The final version of the graphic was published in the December SIGBI Briefing and can be downloaded from the SIGBI website.The Centenary Soroptimist graphic is to be used on social media or any publicity material and can be downloaded from the SIGBI Website.