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What was the challenge set by Fire and Rescue Service to the Soroptimists?

A request was received on 21 April from Jo Harfleet from Kent Fire and Rescue for trauma bears. She said ‘ You may have seen on the media that the UK Fire and Rescue Service has been sending decommissioned fire engines and equipment out to Ukraine via Poland.  We would love to be able to include some trauma bears with the next convoy’.

Medway and Maidstone club took up this latest challenge. A concerted effort was needed with the knitting needles to make a reasonable number of trauma bears within the week.

On 29 April Jane Barnes met with Jo Harfleet in Maidstone.  She handed over 33 trauma bears as Medway and Maidstone’s contribution. These went out with the third convoy that left Ashford on 5 May.

It is hoped we will get to hear more about the work of Fire and Rescue Services across the UK to support Ukraine at our Regional meeting on 25 June.