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What are our Friendship Link Club SI Accra doing with gift of Trauma Bears?

A special request for a trauma bear in Ghana’s national colours was made by Nellie Adjaye to present to SI Accra for their 37th anniversary. Jane Barnes knitted three trauma bears. Nellie took them to Ghana when she visited in April.

Our Friendship Link club, SI Accra support the Paediatric Oncology unit at Accra Hospital. Accra Soroptimists are not knitters and so are looking into making trauma bears out of material.  They will use them in a similar way to benefit traumatised children.



                                                                                                                                                                                                 The photo shows Nellie presenting SI Accra President Karen Korsah, who was accompanied by IPP Kakra Taylor Hayford with the three trauma bears at her home in Accra.

The knitted trauma bears will be donated to the children undergoing treatment at the hospital.