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How did Soroptimists Support Byron Fun Run for Mary’s Meals?

The children at Byron Primary School are working to become a ‘Rights Respecting School’. They chose Mary’s Meals as their charity to support. Annette Davies gave a presentation to the school in January about Mary’s Meals. She is a Medway and Maidstone member and an Ambassador for Mary’s Meals.

Mary’s Meals set up school feeding programmes in some of the world’s poorest communities. This is where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education. It costs just £15.90 to feed a child for a whole school year. Mary’s Meals feed 2,279,941 children every school day.

The school catchment area in North Gillingham is a deprived area. Many families facing the current cost of living challenges. Any fundraising efforts need to reflect this. The school decided to hold one mile Fun Runs.  All 500 children running in their PE lessons during week 13 – 17 June. A target of £500 was set to be raised.  Hoping that each child could get family or friends to sponsor them for a £1.

The children drew posters with motivational messages to decorate the playground. Soroptimist members, Stella and Jane Barnes assisted teaching staff. They put up colourful posters along with Mary’s Meals posters and bunting in the two playgrounds.

Club members generously donated monies totalling £250. This was to help the school achieve the target they had set.

On 21 June, these monies were presented to Byron School. The Fun Runs were a success involving all the children. With sponsorship from families and friends, £3400 was raised for Mary’s Meals. This is the largest amount the School  have ever raised with their fundraising efforts.

This money will mean that 213 children in one of the poorest communities will be fed for a whole school year and be able to gain an education.