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SI Medway and Maidstone hold annual Day of Reflection

Medway and Maidstone members had their Day of Reflection in February. A survey was sent to members to complete in advance of the day. 21 responses were received. Janet Hughes collated them to inform the Day of Reflection.

Teresa was host and planned the programme.

Diane Tingley, a new Associate member attended the Day of Reflection.

Janet gave an overview of progress against targets set for Membership, Marketing and Communications, Awards and Partnerships, Programme Action and Social. She highlighted the best things identified about the club.

Statements gathered from the survey about areas for improvement were used in the ‘Making meetings meaningful and motivational’ led by Teresa. She introduced us to the ‘Stop – Start -Keep’ exercise. The plan for going forward would be stop certain actions, start new ones and keep those we are already doing and happy with.

After a delicious lunch and photo call for #ShowTheLove, it was back to business.  Teresa took us through a Programme Action Impact Evaluation highlighting the Soroptimist mission and the focus for Programme Action.  In groups we had to assess for each PA activity if wholly, partially, or not relevant to the mission and 5 ‘Ps’. We agreed strategies for future project selection to ensure we are focused and work SMARTER.

At the close of the day, Liz Duckworth summarised the key findings/themes and plans/actions to be taken forward for 2023/24.

A big thank you to Teresa and all those who had contributed to making the Day of Reflection a success.