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Sue is recognised for continued service as a volunteer

Sue retired seven years ago from her job as a specialist nurse working with first time teenage parents in Medway.

On 3 June, Sue was awarded a Certificate of Continued Service by Holding On Letting Go (HOLG). This was to recognise Sue’s incredible 15 years of service as a volunteer to children and families they support. Sue is one of their longest-serving volunteers.

About 16 years ago, HOLG was the club president’s charity, and they came in to give a talk. HOLG is a Kent-based charity that helps children to cope with the death of someone close to them. As a children’s nurse, Sue thought the work that they did was really important, so she wanted to get involved as a volunteer.

After receiving on-going training, Sue has supported children at schools on a one-to-one basis over a six-week period, helped out at the neonatal death groups, with families who’ve experienced the death of a baby before birth or shortly after. She has also helped at the parent-carer groups too, supporting the lead member of staff.

When asked ‘What’s your favourite thing about working with HOLG?’

‘I just love being with the children. Even though they’re there because someone has died, bereavement is not all about sadness; their memories can be happy ones and it’s lovely being able to share that with them and have fun. Death doesn’t always have to be negative, or about feeling guilty.’