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‘Small Change Can Make A Big Change’

Three members from SI Medway and Maidstone with some of the children from Byron Primary School in Gillingham took part in a Coin Challenge in aid of Mary’s Meals on 28 June.
The children in each class were asked to collect small change in their Mary’s Meals Money box/ Feeding Mugs. Members also donated their small change and the large white double bed sheet the image was drawn on.
This related to the work the Byron children are focusing on this term relating to Article 28 of the UN Rights of the Child about: –
‘Each child should have the right to an education no matter what, regardless of race, gender or disability or whether they are in detention or a refugee.’
During the afternoon each class sent out 3 or 4 representatives with their mug of coins to start filling in the world map with the coins. It took more than two hours with children identifying the different countries as they worked.
A total of £211.73 was raised for Mary’s Meals which equates to 2118 meals being provided to children in some of the poorer countries to enable them to concentrate and stay focused in school.
Byron Primary School is a Rights Respecting School and SI Medway and Maidstone work in partnership with them throughout the year.
The Soroptimists are Stella Barnes, Annette Davies (who is a Mary’s Meals Ambassador) and Jane Barnes.
If you want to know more about what we do as Soroptimists and/or become a member then we would love to hear from you via our club website