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Who visited the Sculpture Park near Farnham?

Six members of SI Medway and Maidstone spent an enjoyable day in August at The Sculpture Park in Farnham Surrey. The trip was organised by Wanda Wright.

The sculpture exhibition is thought to be the most extensive outdoor display of sculpture in the world. It is set within an enchanting arboretum and wildlife inhabited water garden which creates the perfect haven for immersing oneself in art. There are two miles of trail covering 10 acres and the environment of the park is always evolving as it changes with the seasons.

Some of the sculptures on display are made of recycled materials, such as the rhino made from old skip parts and the horsemen of the Apocalypse made of toys and rubbish. All the sculptures on display are for sale.

For some members it was their first visit, whilst others had been before, but everyone although exhausted at the end was keen to go back to see more, as there are always some new sculptures to see. Nellie Adjaye said: ‘It was the most fascinating park I have ever seen . There is so much  more to explore and so we will have to do it again.’