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How have we met President Ruth’s Membership Challenge?

At the SIGBI London Conference November, President Ruth set us all a membership challenge for 2024 ‘To be one up’. SI Medway and Maidstone are pleased to have accepted this challenge and to welcome a new member, Mandy Samrai.

Mandy has lived and worked in Medway for over 45 years. Although her day job is consultancy working in the areas of Mergers, Acquisitions and transformation, she has also been a magistrate since 2008.

Family is important to Mandy, and she always aims to be a super Aunt to her six nieces and nephews.

Angela Howe who had known Mandy through the Magistrates service  for the past 13 years told her about Soroptimists. Mandy was keen to be part of a group that focused specifically on women and girls in a local and international way.

At Angela’s invitation, Mandy came along to our December club meeting and to our New Year party. She decided she liked what she heard and saw and agreed to join us. Angela will be Mandy’s mentor supporting her as she settles in and develops a clearer understanding of who and what we are.

Already Mandy is eagerly contributing with ideas in relation to PR and Marketing, developing links in the community and even assisting with planning our Day of Reflection in February.