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Who Donated Kente Banners ‘Excellence Together’ to Byron School

SI Medway and Maidstone have a partnership agreement with Byron Primary School in Gillingham. Jane Barnes sits on the School’s  UNICEF Steering group which meets every 3-4 weeks.

Some wonderful links have been made such as with Mary’s Meals and Toilet Twinning. These links will be developed in the future.

We often wear our Kente sashes to promote who we are. These have been admired by the teachers and pupils who have wanted to know about them and where they come from.

We were asked if a banner could be made to show the School motto ‘Excellence Together’ to display in the School.

In December, Jane Barnes presented the UNICEF Steering group with 3 Kente banners with their school motto. Two of the banners had kindly been donated by Nellie Adjaye and the third by SI Accra to the school.

They are now looking forward to Nellie visiting the School in February when she returns from Ghana to hear more about the Kente sash project.

The photo shows Hayley Heyes (Teacher) with the members of the Steering group holding one of the banners after Jane had presented them. Hayley said, ‘We are very grateful to celebrate this cultural link.’