Club Programme of Events 2018

SI Newbury and District is a member of the SI London Chilterns Region

Jan 2018

Thursday  –  18th  Welcome back supper

February 2018

Thursday 1st  –  Hoarding Disorders UK – Jo Cooke

Tuesday 13th  – Pancake Lunches and Races

March 2018

Thursday 1st

Thursday 15th –  A trip down memory lane

April 2018

Thursday 5th – Dementia Friends

Thursday 19th – A visit to Burma at Sophie’s home

Sunday 29th – Annual Lunch at the Chequers Hotel

May 2018

Thursday 3rd – Annual General Meeting

Thursday 17th  – Young Carers, Alison McIntyre

June 2018

Thursday 7th –

Saturday 16th – Regional Meeting at Hermitage Village Hall

Thursday 21st – Discussion evening

July 2018

Thursday 5th – Loose Ends speaker

Friday 6th – Sunday 8th Visit from Arras Soroptimist group

Thursday 19th – Presidents evening at City Arts

August 2018

Sunday 12th – Summer Lunch at Pams