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Honorary Membership awarded to Judith Cooke


Judith Cooke has been a member of SI Selby since the Club was Chartered in 1987.

She has held several offices within the Club including President on more than one occasion.

She is an outstanding Soroptimist, supporting not only her own Club but the Yorkshire Region, the Federation and Soroptimist International. She is a regular attender at Regional Council Meetings, Regional Conferences, SIGBI Development and Membership Meetings and the annual Federation Conferences. She full engages in all aspects of Soroptimism.

She extends the hand of friendship to members old and new at SI Selby whilst keeping regular contact and attending functions with our Friendship Link Clubs, both at home and internationally.

Judith Cooke embodies the spirit of Soroptimism – being committed to making the world a better place for women and girls, by willingly giving her time and energy to help achieve that goal and by doing it with fun and friendship.

A few years ago, when SI Selby found itself without a President at very short notice, Judith stepped into the breach and took the helm for two years until the Club regained its stability.

It is for this reason and the fact that she remains a dedicated Soroptimist that President Pat Griffiths presented Judith Cooke with Honorary Membership of SI Selby on 20th April 2016.