Kori Project – Practical Meeting

Back in January, a group of Soroptmist’s got together for a practical meeting. We helped trace, cut and sew materials for sanitary towels for the women and girls in Sierra Leone for the Kori Project.
The Kori Project supports women and girls in the rural community of the Kori Chiefdom; it has already seen 2000 women join the agricultural project since it was started in 2011.
The Kori project aims to raise awareness of the dangers of FGM as well as provide them with the training, tools and equipment for agricultural development.
The washable sanitary towels were made from unwanted fabrics, duvet covers and curtains – what a great way to make use of old materials! These simple items can make a huge impact to the women and girls in Sierra Leone, who can attend school without the embarrassment of menstruating.