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Club Programme

Club meetings usually take place on the third Tuesday at Bourne End Library (next to the Community Centre), SL8 5SX, at 7.30 pm, and include a business meeting.   Visitors are welcome.

Reports of some of our meetings are posted on Club News.   See What We Do for information about the main charities we support.  Previous year’s dates are shown as a historic record.


Saturday 11 June 2022   SILC Regional Conference in person hosted by SI Slough, Windsor & Maidenhead

Tuesday 21 June 2022   Club meeting

Tuesday 19 July 2022   No meeting

Tuesday 16 August 2022   Social gathering at a member’s home

Tuesday 20 September 2022   No meeting

Saturday 8 October 2022   SILC Regional AGM and Conference, via Zoom

Tuesday 18 October 2022   Club meeting 

Thursday 27-Saturday 29 October 2022   SIGBI Conference in Belfast “Climate for Change”

Tuesday 15 November 2022   Club meeting

Saturday 10 December 2022   SILC Regional Conference and Celebration of Human Rights Day via Zoom

December 2022   Social gathering at a member’s home



Tuesday 17 January 2023   Club meeting

Tuesday 21 February 2023    Club meeting

Saturday 11 March 2023   SILC Regional Conference in person, 10am-4pm, at the Lancaster Hall hotel 35 Craven Terrace, W2 3EL

Tuesday 21 March 2023   Club meeting

Tuesday 18 April 2023   Club AGM

Tuesday 16 May 2023   Club Meeting – speaker Ruth Walne, Mercy Ships

Saturday 17 June 2023   Regional Meeting (western clubs)  10am-2pm at Bourne End Library (next to the Community Centre), SL8 5SX

Tuesday 20 June 2023   Club Meeting – speaker Anna Curson, Operation and Clinical Support Officer, Flag DV

Monday 17 July 2023   Proposed Club outing to Smart Works


Saturday 7 October 2023   Regional meeting 10am-1pm on Zoom



Thursday 27-Saturday 29 July 2023   SI Convention in Dublin “Challenge the Future”



Friday 3-Saturday 4 November 2023   SIGBI London Conference, at Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1.