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What We Do (Programme Action)

What we do – our voluntary work – we call  “Programme Action”, which is the reason for being a Soroptimist. It reflects the Vision and the Mission of Soroptimist International. Programme Action encompasses the charities we support

International: The Kori  Development Project LTD.

This is an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) registered in Moyamba District, Sierra Leone, West Africa. The main aim of this organisation is to empower, enable and educate women and girls in Kori Chiefdom. This aims to transform the lives of women and girls by encouraging them to take part in agriculture and education relating to health and welfare. 250 women from the Kori Chiefdom, including Taiama, have now become members. There are many more women wanting to join when funds become available. Rice, Cassava, Sweet Potatoes, Vegetables and Peanuts have been successfully planted and harvested. The effect on the self esteem and health of the women involved, and their families, is incalculable.

The Kori women’s Development Project has gone from strength to strength, with the building and kitting out of a community library, supporting the establishment of a pig enterprise and now the near completion of a Women’s Work room. Further details of the progress of this project can be found at

National: Breast Cancer Campaign – Tissue Bank

Like most clubs, Thames Valley has had its share of members and family members suffering breast cancer and we hope to raise awareness of the wonderful work of Breast Cancer Campaign and their support for research at many locations in this country.

Since it was established in 2010, the Breast Cancer Now Tissue Bank has collected over 52,000 samples from over 12,000 patients, which are now available to researchers. Over 10,000 of these samples have already been allocated to research projects.

We’re already seeing the impact of the Tissue Bank on breast cancer research and how the availability of tissue samples is helping to better understand and develop more effective treatments for breast cancer.    Samples from the Tissue Bank are being used to study many different aspects of breast cancer, such as identifying biomarkers to predict how a patient will respond to treatment, broadening our understanding of the role of hormones and genetics in breast cancer and helping the development of new techniques to make surgery more accujrate.

You can read the full details on the Breast Cancer Campaign website and the Tissue Bank at

Local: Wycombe Women’s Refuge

We send gifts of toiletries during the year*, and shopping vouchers for Christmas. So often the children of these women receive gifts, but not the women themselves. Also, when the women leave home, they only think of taking things for their children, and for themselves only have the clothes they are wearing.

* We put together two boxes every month. These boxes contain: Towel, Flannel/sponge, Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Shampoo/conditioner, Shower gel, Comb/hair brush, Deodorant/Anti-perspirant, Cleanser/tonic, Moisturiser, Nail file/emery board, Cotton wool pads, Tissues, Knickers [med. size], and various other items.   This has been paused during Covid lock-down but we have instead provided some finanaicl support to WWA.


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