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Look At What We Are Doing Now

The Hextol Foundation Tans Restaurant

Tynedale Club has been supporting and raising funds for this charity addressing the needs of local young people.

This is  an independent charitable company, based in Hexham, giving a sense of purpose to people who are learning disabled or who have mental ill-health by helping them develop their skills and confidence through work and personal achievement that creates a positive transformation in the quality of their lives.

They currently have around 60 people benefiting from the opportunities we offer in our family of social enterprises

Tynedale Talking Newspaper

This is an ongoing part of our Programme Action where we take part on a community rota to read and record the local news on to digital media for those who are visually impaired. The recordings are packaged and posted out to a wide area throughout Tynedale to seventy people.

Tynedale Food Bank

Club members sort and package  donated food for this organisation working with other volunteers on a weekly basis.