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HOT OFF THE PRESS – Our very own hand printed club POSTCARD

Always looking to spread the amazing work of our club we came up with the idea of designing our own postcard. What better way than to invite local printer Michelle Wood of Sea Tern Print CIC, a social enterprise business. a Community Interest Company (CIC)

Members were asked to do a little sketch to represent their idea of the ENVIRONMENT, our theme for the year. Using the Dynamic S as much as possible Michelle has created a wonderful, colourful,positive image of our clubs situation on the North East coast – check out the dynamic S’s – I think I can count 15!

Michelle brought her portable printing press, gave a wonderful presentation about her aim to provide creative print sessions for people of all ages and abilities to promote well being and good mental health. All profits go to helping e.g. supporting charities, doing open days, providing framing for exhibitions peoples’ artwork, etc. etc.The key to Michelle’s sessions are enjoyment where everyone can achieve in making unique prints/items and leading to confidence-building. The workshops include decision making, problem solving and working together!