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Stitchathon Success thanks to member Rosemary – does she ever stop?!

Having read about the challenge in the local press last year creative wizz of a member Rosemary attended a  Stitchathon with nonstop sewing for 14 hours last week, and several more hours work since then,  Our club is so happy to report tonight that she has now finished nearly 100 WIGGLY BAGS for chemotherapy tubes and equipment ( around child’s neck during treatment) and 47 ‘BEADS FOR BRAVERY’  bags to store the beads they are awarded for different parts of their treatment.Rosemary is ‘extremely grateful for the support of five other members  in various ways, financial and with components‘ ….so  feels it can be regarded as a club project. (One fifth of club involved so far.) Rosemary continues, ‘The thought of the children, their diagnoses and suffering breaks my heart. Thankfully treatment is becoming more and more successful.Thanks to all members.’