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Can you save our planet?

Save our Planet – Wow, it’s exhausting just thinking about this amazing effort from club member Rosemary and this has been going on since 1981 when she was first challenged to think about her use of the planets limited resources! Huge well done to Rosemary! Always trying to save our planet.

REDUCE – to save our planet

  • very short. warm water only, daily showers and today measured it to one inch of water in my small size bath.
  • Use a  kitchen boiler water tap which is believed to cut the normal water  boiled by a household kettle by two thirds.
  • reduce household fuel consumption drastically by having solar panels…..thus producing  our own electricity. I do washings and run dishwasher in daylight which means the light panels probably produce enough power to cover the electricity required – and at times we contribute the excess power that our system produces to the national grid – worth it to save our planet.
  • by using a non-soap dispenser some of the time ensuring no chemicals into waste water
  • nil annual tax car for daily use (because of such low emissions)
  • do not heat bedrooms at any time, just heat the living-room.
  • reduce kitchen waste by grinding  fruit and vegetable skins – they  are scrunched by waste disposal unit daily. Why not get a waste dispenser and introduce another way of helping to save our planet.
  • Egg-shells, coffee grounds and teabags are used as plant foods in
    planting and repotting sessions.
  • Never need to put our green bin out! Once weekly we have a small reused poly bag of waste which we simply deposit in street bin.

RE-USE – to save our planet

  • We reuse poly bags – for our mini waste bin – and for our shopping.
  • We reuse all sorts of containers……yoghurt, cottage cheese, ice-cream. Is there anyone out there not doing this to help save our planet?!
  • I reuse wool and fabrics; buttons  and zips I take off non-recyclable clothes…….but I am a great mender not chucker-away!
  • I regularly use the free envelopes sent in business letters cards.
  • All our single side used paper, and often cardboard, is reused …..if not by us, for Rainbows and for grandchildren to draw on! We all know that our young children are keyed up and want our help to save our planet.

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RECYCLE – to save our planet
Rosemary is an avid recycler.

  • l’m encouraged to recycle at our club – stamps, spectacles, biros, bras, milk bottle tops, etc.. and more.
  • I take much to charity shops and enjoy buying there too, both for myself and for the business.
  • We today finished a great project of up-cycling a freebie pallet for our new wall flower-garden.
  • Our wrappers are all sorted eg. bread bags, crisp packets, so as much as possible can be recycled.
  • To help the environment further we have done a big vegetable planting this week for the wall pallet – useful for small spaces and another forward step to saving our planet!
  • I have also repotted my houseplants  and made some new……all contribute to the healthy gases of the environment.
  • I try to buy fruit and veg in season, and if possible locally produced too. A few years back we had a completely self-sufficient summer of vegetables …..and now hope, but doubt, our pallet will be sufficiently successful to repeat that.
  • I choose my supermarket delivery slots as the labelled ‘green’ ones, which means  the van will already be delivering in my locality.
  • I have today christened my new lighthouse birdbox……..isn’t it lovely?

Here’s how you can get in touch to find out more about our wonderful members and the work we do and the actions we take. You might also be interested in Plastic Free July