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Bangladesh and Indian orders cancelled. Use LOSTSTOCK to support a family

What is the problem?

Many firms in Bangladesh and India are experiencing huge problems as most Big Brands have cancelled their orders or are not paying for what they have already ordered.

Is there a solution?

This is a great C19 project as the initial problem is directly caused by the Pandemic.

LOSTSTOCK is an Edinburgh based company who have boughtmuch of this ‘unwanted’ stock

How can we help?

The clothing is for both men and women. An example women’s buy is:

3 tops for £35 plus £3.99 postage. You send your size, age and colour preference and you get 3 lucky dip tops normally worth £70. Loststock can pay the manufacturer ,cover their own costs and make a donation to the charity SAJIDA from the £35. It has been so successful they may branch out into childrens clothes.

How can I find out more?

Go to Lost stock and you can see the full range of goods and find out about the company

You can also look at You magazine and find out more. There are good high street products available in the boxes, just choose your size and colour pallet to suit you.

What next?

By ordering a box you can help by feeding a family for a week. If the clothes don’t suit you can pass them to a friend or donate to your favourite charity shop. A win/win situation!