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Club Officers 2020/21

The following represent the Club’s Executive Officers, and are responsible for running the Club, with the support of all the Club members.

President: 01.05.20-31.08.20 – Linda Redhead;
                  01.09.20-31.12.20 – Maureen Ellerton;
                  01.01.21-30.04.21 – Yvonne Gibbon
Vice President: Patricia Quarton
Secretary: Maureen Ellerton
Past President: Eleanor King
Treasurer: Eleanor King
Programme Action: Yvonne Gibbon
Membership: Executive Committee
Executive Members: Sylvia Allport, Denise Parker & Sheelagh Dayus

Other key roles:

Caring: Carole Cank
Social and Friendship: Patricia Quarton
Communications: Wendy Ross Barker & Carolyn Rawlinson
Regional Rep: Patricia Quarton
Environmental Round Table: Lilian Woodstock & Hazel Landon
Bowls Captain: Maureen Ellerton