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December 2022 – Christmas – Shifa – Orange the World


We wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas 2022!


This year members of SI Woking have helped Shifa with English conversation sessions for women learning English. So it was a real pleasure to be at the Shifa Christmas party to hear about the many achievements of the Shifa women.  So many have learned so much – not only English, but yoga, swimming, cycling, craft activities…  So many achievements!

We are looking forward to supporting Shifa again in 2023

Orange the World

The campaign to make people think about the many women and girls who suffer violence in the home.  Some of them don’t survive.  Woking Borough Council reminds us of those women and girls. Look for the empty chairs in Woking town centre. Here is one in the Lightbox:

Our sisters in Italy sent news of a campaign to raise awareness about 1522, the  special European Union helpline.  Women and girls who suffer violence can call an emergency number.  That number is now on foods sold in Italian Coop stores.  The chain plans to put the number on many more products.  More about this initiative here.